About me

I’m an experienced software developer, who has started coding from relatively early age. And since my placement in 2014 (including my final year) I have been coding professionally, be it in the Investment Bank, Start-up or a FinTech, where I am currently writing code to support data ingestion pipelines.

This blog, will be about my passions, which are software development, writing clean code under pressure, solving interesting business problems and always learning new things - be it technology, different language or some new hoby, which I have decided to try out.

For anything I write here, standard disclaimer will apply:

the contents of this blog contains only my own personal opinions and the work, which I would be doing on my personal projects. Hence the code examples will not be production grade, techology choices will not be the same what I do at work and etc.

Feel free to drop me an email or send me a message on LinkedIn.

Martynas Asipauskas Written by:

Martynas is a passionate software developer, currently interested in big data solutions.

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